Metaverse Week in Review has its own site!

A couple of weeks ago, Sougent, one of our “regulars” for the Metaverse Week in Review live videocast,  noted that the domain was available. I jumped into Dotster (my domain registrar of choice) and grabbed it before I could have second thoughts…knowing how I easily procrastinate when I allow myself the dubious luxury of *thinking* about doing something, rather than just Doing. (Note these are lower-case second thoughts… no connection to Second Life, or to Prokofy’s blog!)

Anyhow, the show’s new website is now live – we’ll use it as a consistent show “home” so if we broadcast from somewhere other than, you’ll still know where to find us. And, code willing, the live show will be viewable there each week.

This will also help folks who want to catch up with past shows, or the occasional broadcast outside of our Sunday 10am SL-US Pacific/6pm UK time-slot. With the ongoing tech issues at Operator11, notably broken registration so it’s impossible to get new guests into the studio, we’re doing periodic shows at – the sister site to operator11.

There are also handy pages here to view Mal’s current twitterstream, as well as our Metaworld channel at Mogulus (where Mal posts SL news and arts machinima for your view-anytime pleasure).  I also plan to incorporate an archive of Mal’s twitterstream shortly – which should be a help to those who can’t keep up with him!  😉

The Metaverse Week in Review website doesn’t replace this one, or any of Mal’s multiple blogging/posting spots. We do hope, tho, that it will help you keep track of stuff, or at least find things more easily!

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