Blogging Virtual Worlds panel recap

It’s an “interesting” experience to moderate a Second Life panel streaming Skype for audio when your internet connection is severely flakey,  you can’t even get in-world until 10 minutes into the presentation, and then lose the connection 15 minutes later for the duration of the event! Even worse: it was my first time moderating a voice presentation in Second Life… eeep!

Such was the scenario for yesterday’s “Blogging Virtual Worlds” panel, which I co-moderated with Mal Burns (Malburns Writer in SL) – part of the Orange Island Media Week events. This was an occasion when team moderating was definitely good thing, since Mal could at least see the audience and chat comments! Special thanks go to Jade Lily of the Orange Island team for Skype stream-wrangling behind the scenes, and to Fab Outlander for overall event coordinating.

We had five “luminaries” from the realm of SL blogging on the panel:

Ordinal Malaprop has been writing on and off in her journal, An Engine Fit For My Proceeding,  on scripting, socio-economics and sundry Second Life shenanigans since November 2005, only a couple of months after her Rezdate. She’s a scripter of considerable note, including creating several tools related to blogging and twittering from inside SL. During the rest of the time she makes things explode, now on a professional basis and mostly on purpose.

Koz Farina calls himself a “Createc”– a creative technologist, entrepreneur/hacker/geek. He’s worked on building things on the web for over 12 years, including being chief architect at (a role he’s recently stepped out of), and creator of SL’s BlogHUD and BlogHUD pro. During the panel, he talked about plans for expanding BlogHUD to increase its integration with other blog tools, as well as work he’s doing to enable “intelligent” tracking of conversational threads between blogs.

Saffia Widdershins is the CEO of Prim Perfect Publications.  She launched Prim Perfect magazine (the first SL magazine for homes and gardens) in May 2007, now approaching its eleventh edition.  Saffia is also the executive producer and presenter of Meta Makeover, the SLCN program that makes over Second Life homes, and is the Publisher of The Primgraph, a new magazine aimed at historical and steampunk sims.

Tara5 Oh began her career in new media & technology  with innovation in motion control, robotics, and special effects for film, television, theme parks and aerospace. She’s  particularly interested in the uptake of new technologies in different cultures and communities. She continues her interest in innovation and paradigm shifts as a writer and explorer of virtual worlds. Her blog is UgoTrade.

Chris Collins (Fleep Tuque in Second Life) is an IT Analyst in the Instructional & Research Computing department at the University of Cincinnati.  She currently manages the campus-wide podcasting and Second Life projects at the University of Cincinnati, and serves as the Second Life Ambassador for the Ohio Learning Network, a consortium of 80 colleges and universities in Ohio.  Chris blogs about technology, education, and the metaverse at Fleep’s Deep Thoughts.

The lively discussion covered a broad range of issues related to blogging about and in virtual worlds, as well as some items on the blogging tools wish-list.

If you missed the live event, an audio transcript is now available.

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