Last names & Second Life – a “Resident” last name epic FAIL

Bringing back last names has been the run-away top customer issue for over a year in Second Life’s Jira  – the SL bug-tracking/reporting system. With nearly 2800 votes and 780 followers, the comment thread goes on for virtual pages.

… complete with this little gem today:

> 1)  Can’t remember password
> 2)  Go To SL website to request
> 3)  Confirmation of Hint:  Check
> 4)  Next Question: “Three last names of your friends are listed below,
>     what first names belong to them?”

>   Answer A: ___________ Resident
>   Answer B: ___________ Resident
>   Answer C: ___________ Resident
> Now PLEASE tell me, how the heck am I going to get this one right,
> with over 500 people on my friends list?
> Something tells me I’m sooo going to get this one wrong… :-(

‘Nuf said!

Should you wish to add to the merriment, the issue is:  (SVC-7125) Bring Back Last Name Options! at https:/

You’ll probably want to login with your favorite “__________  Resident” alt – provided you can remember the password.




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