SL Week in Review show

Some projects take a while to find their way here – this videocast – “Second Life Week in Review” – is one that Mal Burns and I have been co-hosting since last summer at – there was a period of several months when the shows weren’t recording correctly, so playbacks weren’t possible.  Thankfully, this has finally gotten fixed, as of a few weeks ago, so it’s time to start adding them here. We’ve managed to rack up some 60 episodes… just keep in mind these are live, and neither one of us has pretentions of breaking into network news!

This is Part One of Sunday’s show :

Operator11 has a 40 minute segment limit, and we typically do 2 segments.  Here’s part 2 of the current show, and the index of the entire collection to date (including links for shows the Dec-Feb period that produce nice little error messages).

We’re live every Sunday at 10:00am US Pacific/6:00pm UK – do come join us on Sunday at

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