Bitstream envy

I’ve gotten intrigued by machinima – video created using virtual worlds such as Second Life as the film studio. Intrigued enough to start collecting a few tools and doing some vid captures…. and quickly discovering that it’s not nearly as easy as it appears when well-done!

This is coming from someone who’s never been much of a movie fan and doesn’t watch TV (yes, there’s one back in the bedroom, where it collects dust – there is barely reception where I live unless you pay for cable or satellite access… an expense I can happily live without, particularly with the ready availability of video news coverage online these days).

That said, I spent a number of hours this past week attending a week-long machinima conference put on by Orange (the UK telecomm), and learned a lot. Learned how little I know when it comes to film production (tho the skeletal stages aren’t hugely different from audio production). The essential fact is, my interest is probably driven most by my musical/composing interests – combining audio with visuals does tweak the creative itch in some challenging and novel ways.

Anyhow, along with some reading to start filling in some much-needed background, I’m starting to watch machinima from a different perspective – how did they do that? what works? what kinds of transitions are they using… so this piece, Bitstream Boogie, produced by Osprey Therian, definitely caught my interest. I have to say I”m insanely envious of his (?) considerable framerate! It’s definitely clear I will have to invest in a higher-end PC (gack!) if I decide to get serious about SL machinima-producing…

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