Metaverse Week in Review – Reprise

Here’s this week’s “Metaverse Week in Review” show with Mal Burns and me, plus special guest appearances by Crap Mariner and Dizzy Banjo. A few highlights:

  • Some previews of Second Life 5th Birthday builds
  • A look at anthropologist Tom Bolstorff’s new book, “Coming of Age in Second Life”
  • A new machinima of the Chang Hai Sisters – inworld dance troupe

A few notable technical glitches this week added to the fun …and I don’t think it had anything to do with Crap’s calling this the “Gridcrash Week in Review.” We’re blaming Operator11 which is suffering from considerable neglect — chat has been busted for several months, RSS feeds don’t work, and internal email is nonfunctional, hosing the ability to send out show announcements or to let new folks to register — there’s no sign of any steps happening to fix. (Last week’s show happened at Mogulus, using Mal’s 24/7 Metaworld video clip channel, since Operator11 was completely offline. We may end moving the live show there, given the situation at Operator11, but at the moment there’s no way to imbed broadcasts from Mogulus.

In any case, I’ve not posted below a false start with some silent movie stuff, and the second segment cut off mid-clip for no apparent reason.

First segment:

Second segment:

Final segment:

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