Orange 100 – and then some

After months of frustration with chronic freezes and crashes, I finally broke down and increased the RAM in the cheap PC I’m using for Second Life (yes, I am a Mac fanatic, but alas, SL runs considerably faster on a peecee, and I can’t afford to upgrade yet to an Intel Mac). Vista obnoxiousness aside, I am quite amazed at the improvement… particularly in normally high-lag crowded sim situations.

And, much to my glee, I can now do inworld video capture with a frame rate I can actually live with – a welcome benefit I wasn’t expecting! This means I can resume messing around with machinima production, a side-tracked interest because of hardware limitations pre-RAM increase.

Orange Island’s Photo Week was loaded with excellent sessions to inspire some renewed picture-taking, including a “family photo op” on Friday, seeing if one could get 100 avatars to sit still long enough to take a picture or 30…which I did, since for once I was actually able to maneuver my cam view around and play with angles.  Then, on Saturday night, a mundane teleport home landed me in a very non-mundane impromptu “party” at Callet Hobo Railroad, one of the SL welcome centers… courtesy of the GremLindens (hey, it’s a weekend, you really don’t expect the grid to behave?!). I fired up fraps, and what follows is, as they say, virtual history.

Thanks to all the unnamed grey bodies attired only in their prim attachments, and to Doubledown Tandino for soundtrack music. Enjoy.  :-)

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