Metaverse Week in Review – belated June 29 reprise

Some weeks doing our “Second Life/Metaverse Week in Review” seems long – others, two 40-minute segments whiz by. Last Sunday (June 29) was one of the latter, in spite of not getting around to very many video clips.

Among the topics: Week one of Second Life 5th Birthday celebration; an interesting Stanford Research Institute panel on Virtual Worlds-Year in Review, Year Ahead; Orange’s photo week; and Cisco CEO’s speech in SL.

We’re continuing – for the moment – at, in spite of the various broken features. However, the same folks behind operator11 have a brand-new site,, and we’re set up there as well. Rumor has it they *do* plan to fix the multiple issues at operator11, so to keep our archives in one place, we’ll persist there, with some “extra” shows at blogstar (since we can get new guests into the studio there, which we can’t do – because of broken features – at Op11). Do drop in and register at blogstar (so you can participate in the backchat), and stay tuned to Mal at Twitter, or me at Twitter (also in sidebar on the right of this blog), for short-fuse announcements on where and when.

Here are links to the show (in the interest of reducing blog video clutter):

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