About Tara

There’s no adequate way to summarize a rich and varied life (a.k.a. a checkered career), but I’ll give it a shot:

– I write, I compose music, I design graphics and websites, I troubleshoot computers and networks, I garden, I push prims around in Second Life, I have an irrepressible sense of humor and pun with alacrity

– creative stuff is where my heart is, but I’m also an insatiable knowledge sponge, and have managed to soak up a smidgeon of wisdom in spite of myself. I also have a happy knack for strategies and big picture organizing, and seem to thrive most  where I have new stuff to learn or new projects to develop. Boredom strikes when life becomes too routine, and I’m very adept at upsetting the applecart when that occurs!

– I’ve had careers in regional planning, opinion research, construction, arts & crafts, marketing communications, music (performing singer-songwriter-studio junkie),  online community-building (I’m an eWorld refugee and was involved with Talk City from its inception until 2001), association management, and network admin/tech support. I currently use some of those skillsets doing tech support for a corporation providing innovation management services.

– I’ve been something of a hermit for several years, happily playing out the introverted aspect of my INXP profile (I flip-flop between T and F, depending on the situation & my mood). I can be quite gregarious part of the time, but thrive on solitude in abundance.

– Spiritually, I call myself a Buddhist, tho I don’t cling to any label – I’ve tasted One Taste, rested in Suchness, splashed around in Pure Presence… and still regularly track mud all over the house!

– I’m a long-time Ken Wilber fan (I started reading him in the early 80s when nobody knew who he was), and have been delighted to watch the more recent development and unfolding of the Integral Institute and applications of integral approaches to many issues and topics.

– I’m active in Second Life, where you’ll find me as Tara Yeats, involved in prim-mangling, machinima creation, and virtual worlds news-casting. With partner Malburns Writer I co-host Metaverse Week in Review, a live webcast every Sunday at noon, US Pacific time. i also have a virtual outpost at ReactionGrid.

– There’s probably more, but that will do for now.  :-)